KIMO LU Series AWS.10, VOLT.1S or Hg liquid

KIMO LU Series AWS.10, VOLT.1S or Hg liquid
measuring variations of pressure, depression or differential pressure of air or gas within measurement ranges which vary according tothe type of manometric liquid used : AWS 10, VOLT 1S or MERCURY.
Measurement range
AWS.10 Liquid d=0,87 (in mmCE) : 50-0-50, 100-0-100, 200-0-200, 400-0-400
VOLT.1S Liquid d=1,86 (in mmCE) : 220-0-220, 430-0-430, 870-0-870
Hg Liquid d=13,545 (in mbar) : 310-0-310, 620-0-620
"U"- shaped column for measuring consecutively positive and negative pressures.
Measurement by addition of values read on each column.
Zero adjustment by moving the slide strip.
For fixed use regardless of the manometric liquid used.
For portable use with the LU model using VOLT 1S liquid.
Comes with a white PVC support, 2 screws and 2 rawlplugs, two 487 connectors and a bottle of liquid.


kimo lu series aws.10, volt.1s or hg liquid