ALMEMO 2690-8A

ALMEMO 2690-8A
Technical data and functions ALMEMO 2690-8A 
Increased measuring accuracy and stability
• Fast measuring rate, up to 50 measuring operations per second With SD memory card, up to 100 mops, optional for 1 channel up to 400 mops
• 9 measuring inputs, electrically isolated
• Over 65 standard measuring ranges
• Support for ALMEMO plugs with multi-point adjustment, special linearization, and special measuring ranges
• Option KL for independent multi-point adjustment or special linearization programmable in 30 points and management of calibration data saved in the sensor connector and the measuring instrument
• Higher measuring quality thanks to electrical isolation between measuring inputs and device power supply (device ground)
• Improved cold junction compensation with 2 sensors
• Data logger with internal EEPROM, suffi cient for 100,000 measured values, confi gurable as linear or ring memory
• Memory connector with micro SD (accessory)


almemo 2690-8a