• Humidity measurement with very high resolution, precision, and linearity, using Pt100 psychrometer
• Suitable as reference device in calibration laboratories and quality assurance procedures • Very high level of accuracy using the Pt100 psychrometer thanks to multi-point adjustment of the two temperature sensors
• Pt100 psychrometer optimized for measuring operations involving high humidity levels performed over long periods
• new: Automatic atmospheric pressure compensation is provided for pressure-dependent humidity variables by means of a digital atmospheric pressure sensor integrated in the ALMEMO® device.
• new: Humidity calculation on the basis of formulae as per Dr. Sonntag and the enhancement factor as per W. Bögel (correction factor fw(t,p) for real mixed gas systems). This substantially widens the measuring range and improves the accuracy of humidity variable calculations.
• Resolution : Temperature Pt100 0.001 K, Relative humidity 0.01%, Dew point 0.01 K
• The humidity variables are calculate
d from the three primary measuring channels (real measurable variables). Dry temperature (°C), humid temperature (°C), atmospheric pressure (mbar)
• Three humidity variables displayed simultaneously, freely selectable : Relative humidity (%), dew point (°C), mixture (g/kg),
new: Absolute humidity (g/m³), vapor pressure (mbar), enthalpy (kJ/kg)
• Two electrically isolated measuring inputs for Pt100 sensors
• High-resolution A/D converter, delta-sigma, 24-bit, 1.25 mops (measuring operations per second)
• Two output sockets for digital interface, ALMEMO® memory connector
• Compact, modern, ergonomic design
• Graphics display, illuminated with white light
• Easy and convenient to operate by means of 4 soft-keys and cursor block
• Measured value display : Sensor display (up to 4 measured values), measuring points list, atmospheric pressure
• Measuring functions : Zero-setting, smoothing, maximum / minimum values, individual value memory for 100 values
• Data logger with ALMEMO® memory connector (accessory)
• Sensor programming : Smoothing, designation, measuring range selection, locking
• Device confi guration : Illumination, contrast, device address, baud rate, atmospheric pressure
• Choice of language : German, English, French
• Humidity measurement in temperature range -100 to +200 °C, with precision digital capacitive temperature / humidity sensors FHAD 36 Rx, with ALMEMO® D6 connector (Accessories, see chapter „Atmospheric humidity“). Confi guration of ALMEMO® D6 sensors on ALMEMO® device itself


almemo 1036-2 datalogger