Technical data and functions, ALMEMO® 2590A series
• New variant, further developed
• Good measuring accuracy, measuring rate up to 10 measuring operations per second (mops)
• Over 65 standard measuring ranges
• Support for ALMEMO® plugs with multi-point adjustment, special linearization, and special measuring ranges
• Graphics display with white illumination, easy and convenient operation by means of 4 soft-keys and cursor block
• Clear and easy-to-understand menu system
• 3 measuring menus (1 menu can be freely confi gured by user from a range of 50 functions), measured values displayed numerically, 1 to 12 measured values can be displayed in two sizes or graphically in bar chart form
. • Intelligent sensor readings with sensor-specifi c functions Cold junction compensation, temperature compensation, and atmospheric pressure compensation
• Measuring functions Measured value, zero-setting, setpoint adjustment
• Function menus Maximum value, minimum value, memory suffi cient for 99 measured values, average value over time / individual values / measuring points, smoothing, volume fl ow with center point measuring, two-point adjustment, scaling, data logger with confi guration menus
• Option VN Volume fl ow determined from matrix measuring as per DIN EN 12599
• Programming menus for clear and easy-to-understand sensor programming, range, units, designation, right through to special functions, confi guration of device parameters and of output modules
• Choice of languages : German, English, French (other options also available)
• 2 ALMEMO® output sockets, suitable for digital interfaces, analog output, trigger input, alarm contacts, memory card
• External memory connector with micro SD can simply be plugged in.
• Sleep mode for long-term recording


almemo 2590a