• Temperature measurement with very high levels of resolution, precision, and linearity, using thermocouples Types N, S, R, B
• Suitable as reference device in calibration laboratories and quality assurance procedures
• Very high accuracy thanks to multi-point adjustment of the thermocouple temperature sensor
• Each temperature sensor has its own cold junction stored in the ALMEMO® plug or externally. The cold junction temperature in the ALMEMO® plug is measured to a very high resolution of 0.001 K by means of an NTC sensor.
• Two electrically isolated measuring inputs for thermocouples, types N, S, R, B • Resolution 0.01 K
• Units °C, °F, K
• High-resolution A/D converter, delta-sigma, 24-bit, 1.25 mops (measuring operations per second)
• Two output sockets for digital interface, ALMEMO® memory connector
• Compact, modern, ergonomic design
• Graphics display, illuminated with white light
• Easy and convenient to operate by means of 4 soft-keys and cursor block
• Measured value display : 2 measured values, differential, measuring point list, cold junction temperature
• Measuring functions : Zero-setting, smoothing, maximum / minimum values, individual value memory for 100 values
• Data logger with ALMEMO® memory connector (accessory)
• Sensor programming : Smoothing, designation, units
• Device confi guration : Illumination, contrast, device address, baud rate
• Choice of language : German, English,French


almemo 1020-2 datalogger