Type TH : 10 electrically isolated inputs for 10 sensors with thermocouples Type KS : 10 electrically isolated inputs with clamp connectors Type KSU : ditto, for 10-V signals Type KSI : ditto, for 20-mA signals 2 ALMEMO® output sockets for digital interfaces, analog output, trigger input, alarm contacts, memory card High-speed, high-resolution A/D converter, 24-bit, 50 mops New Electrically isolated between measuring inputs and supply Programming of sensor parameters in the device, can be modified via interface using the supplied AMR-Control software
Measuring functions : Measured value, zero-setting, sensor adjustment, maximum / minimum values stored with date and time-of-day, smoothing, average values over time or measuring points, limit value monitoring, temperature compensation, atmospheric pressure compensation Cold junction measuring with 2 NTCs and interpolation (Type TH) New measuring ranges : Timer 6500.0 seconds, PT100 0.000 to 65.000 °C (Type KS) 4 LEDs for indicating various operating states Data logger with memory connector and micro SD card, recording in standard FAT16 file format, transmission to PC using card reader
Option : EEPROM with capacity for 100,000 measured values, internally configurable as linear or ring memory
Sleep mode for long-term recording Device programming using the supplied AMR-Control software, i.e. date and time-of-day, cycle, start and end of measuring, measuring rate, etc. Key for switching on and start / stop measuring


almemo 8490-th