The ecom-J2KNpro is a further development of the popular J-series (covering the predecessor models ecom-J, ecom-JN, ecom-J2K as well as J2KN). This is more than one instrument an ecom-J2KNpro user gets: the basic module can be operated independently from the control module.The basic module covers a small display outlining the operation stand of the most important functions. A further incentive is featured by the various interfaces the ecomJ2KNpro offers..Product Features

- Detachable control module for wireless radio transfer, up to 50 m at free sight. Command function for remote data storage and printout. Powerful rear magnet for easy positioning on metal surface and free hands for work
- Up to 6 gas sensors (Longlife)
- ± 100 hPa differential pressure measurement
- Integral thermal quick
- Integral soot measurement
- Backlit display (daylight-capable)
- Electronic condensate monitoring
- Professional gas preparation thru Peltier cooler (option) with automatic condensate evacuation
- Sampling probe pistol style 300mm with 3-chamber tubing 3m
- Special tubing with Teflon sleeve e.g. for NOx and SO2 measurements (optional)
- T-Room sensor with magnet for easy fixation on metal surfaces
- Emission, temperature and draught measurement without plug connection change
- Instrument inner heating (heated gas channel plate)
- Integral module for data storage on MM card (card optional)
- Wireless Bleutooth or WiFi data transfer module (option) - ecom PC software free of charge
- Large accessory program Measured values
- O2 (0-21%) - CO (0-4000 ppm)
- Gas temperature (0-500°C)
- Air temperature (0-99°C)
- Pressure (± 100 hPa)

ecom j2knpro