KIMO MP 210 Micromanometer

KIMO MP 210 Micromanometer
The micromanometer MP210 was developed for the implementation and the control of the systems of heating, ventilation, air conditioning as well as for air systems balancing.
Thanks to his pressure modules, he allows to control effectively the sealing of the air-conditionings systems filters.
Accepting the Pitot probes (compensated in temperature), the MP210 is also reliable to measure air velocity and airflow in ducts.
Supplied with magnet in the back of the device,it offers more freedom for the operator duringCTA's control operations for example.

The MP210 is proposed according to 5 differencial pressure modules
MPR 500 : -500 to +500 Pa
MPR 2500 : -2500 to +2500 Pa
MPR 10 000 : -10 000 to +10 000 Pa
MPR 500 M : -500 to +500 mbar
MPR 2000 M : -2000 to +2000 mbar
All the pressure modules propose a thermocouple entry for the speed in Pitot compensated in temperature measurement.
Optional, the MP210 accepts various measurement probes (wired or radio link):
Vane probes or hotwire
CO probe
Gas leak probe
Tachometry probe
4 channels Thermocouple module

kimo mp 210 micromanometer
kimo mp 210 micromanometer
kimo mp 210 micromanometer