PMS Nano-ID® NPC10 NanoParticle Counter

PMS Nano-ID® NPC10 NanoParticle Counter
Working fluid reservoir only needs fluid replenished at about 2,000 hours of use
Does not use n-butyl or isopropyl alcohol, not dangerous, not used continuously
No special handling and storage requirements as are associated with alcohol-base fluids
Internal memory can store one year of data
No house vacuum needed
Pump provides regulated sample flow
Recirculates working fluid, so you can go up to a year without refills

Features & applications
10 nm sensitivity
2.83 LPM sample flow rate
Up to 2,000 hours continuous run time
Large color IR touchscreen display
Data export via Ethernet interface and USB
Sample high-pressure gases using an optional high-pressure diffuser
Suitable for use in ISO Class 1 through Class 3 environments
Lowest zero-count specification in the industry
Low false-count rate
In an enclosure so it won't dirty your environment
Point-of-use monitoring troubleshooting
2.8 LPM flow rate does not disrupt air flow and 10 nm sensitivity provides essential data for hard disk manufacturing
Manufacturing quality control of ultra-fine nanoparticles size distribution during synthesis
Detection of airborne ultra-fine and nanoparticles in workplaces and other sensitive environments

pms nano-id® npc10 nanoparticle counter